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[FIX] SnapChat Camera Not Working After Electra Jailbreak iOS 11

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Just after the full release of Electra Jailbreak by Coolstar many people started jailbreaking their device. But there are some issues with the recent Electra Jailbreak, one such is the error:topanga. Some users claimed that their SnapChat camera is not working after jailbreaking their device using Electra Jailbreak.

In this post I am going provide a simple fix to get the snapchat camera start working again. This fix is contributed by the reddit user Aber512

If you install Anemone through Cydia, the Snapchat camera will have a black screen, You can use the below method to fix your camera, until coolstar pushes official fix.

Notice: If you don’t know what you are doing, please refrain from following this tutorial.

[FIX] SnapChat Camera after Electra Jailbreak

  1. Open Cydia, search for Anemone. Once you found it, download Anemone and apply any theme.
  2. Then Go to /Library/Themes and compress all of the theme folders to a zip archive.
  3. Uninstall Anemone through Cydia. This might cause your themes to automatically uninstall. (If it didn’t, disregard the rest of this step.) If it uninstalled your themes, go to /Library/Themes and extract the zip archive from step 2, so the themes folder looks like how it did earlier.
  4. Go to and download Electra B11-3.
  5. Extract Electra b11-3.ipa, go into Electra b11-3\Payload\
  6. Extract tweaksupport.tar and go into the extracted tweaksupport folder to \Library\SBInject
  7. Copy all of the Anemone files (I’m not sure if the PreferenceLoader files will cause any issues, but make sure you don’t copy it just in case)
  8. Paste them into your phone to /usr/lib/TweakInject/
  9. Respring! Now your theme should be applied.
  10. Go to Electra b11-3\Payload\\anemoneapp and drag to your /Applications folder on your phone.
  11. Change the octal permissions for to 0775. Then go inside, find the file named just “Anemone” and change that to 0775 as well. Run uicache and respring. Now you should have the Anemone app.
  12. You are done!

Hopefully this helps you! After doing this, my snapchat worked fine. No more black cameras

Comment below if this method work for you or not.

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